The 5th Dimension – Wedding Bell Blues

First Hit #1: November 8, 1969

I can’t quite get a read on The 5th Dimension as a band. Their first big hit was Age of Aquarius, best described as a bunch of drugged out hippy nonsense. But now the same band brings us Wedding Bell Blues, a big fun number about a woman who really wants to get married to a man named Bill. What’s more appropriate for Valentine’s Day than a big love song demanding a wedding? I really like the song, it tells a story while also being a sincere and enthusiastic love song. You can understand the girl’s desire to get married, and you can almost understand why Bill is reluctant, all on top of slightly old fashioned but always fun instrumentation.

Still, if I tried to connect it to the other big 5th Dimension hit by this point, I couldn’t. There’s not much shared between the two tracks, and it almost sounds like a completely different band is doing each song. It’s not even a case of gradual evolution of their sound, this is the same year, and the same album. It’s very strange.

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