Steam – Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye

First Hit #1: December 6, 1969

May I direct your eyes to the cover art included with the embedded version of this song. I like that at one point in history a popular song could be sold with a bunch of sweaty, shirtless, mustached men wearing only towels, and nobody seemed to mind. They even made it a big part of sporting events. In a world filled with gay panic, we could learn something from Steam, since they’re totally comfortable with each other and their mustaches.

But that doesn’t really address the song, which everyone knows by now. It is one of the most insidiously catchy tracks ever penned, with the chorus getting stuck in your head from the moment you hear it to the moment you die. If there is an afterlife, somewhere in that afterlife someone is getting frustrated because they keep humming Steam’s magnum opus. Otherwise, it’s pretty fun song about a man trying to get a woman to leave her boyfriend for him (and, potentially, his mustache) by promising he’s way better at being a boyfriend than this other jerk. It’s actually kind of odd, but hey, it leads to some good fun surrounding the rest of the song and it’s really easy to ignore the lyrics anyway (outside of that chorus). It’s easy to chant, it’s easy to dance to, as pop music goes it deserves its success because it is just that fun.

Also, until looking at Steam, I was convinced it was sung by a woman. In hindsight, that was silly considering the lyrics.

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