Diana Ross and the Supremes – Someday We’ll Be Together

First Hit #1: December 27, 1969

It’s only appropriate that the last #1 of the ’60s happens to be from one of the defining groups of the decade. Never mind that it’s the Supremes in name only – Diana Ross is here, but Mary Wilson and Cindy Birdsong are nowhere to be found. So it’s really a Diana Ross solo cut, but from the perspective of historical appropriateness, it just feels right that the ’60s end with the Supremes, both having their last hit with Someday We’ll Be Together.

It is weird to hear a man in the background of a Supremes song, and it is a shame that the last Supremes hit is one that’s only a Supremes song for marketing reasons, but it’s a pretty great song anyway. It’s catchy, and Diana Ross’ trip into seductive cooing over the chorus is undeniably sexy. It’s actually a pretty interesting contrast between Ross’ attempt at sensuality and the upbeat background. It’s like an attractive woman trying to woo you in a dance bar, and it’s an effect that’s really pleasing to the ear – just like an attractive woman trying to woo you in a dance bar, in fact. It’s still got that very distinct Motown sound, and it’s still Diana Ross, but it’s slightly different than what came before, sometimes in unexpected ways. It’s taking us into the ’70s, but with an ear to what made the ’60s great.

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