Sly and the Family Stone – Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin) / Everybody is a Star

First Hit #1: February 14, 1970

While we’re early in the 1970s, already we’ve got some slight themes developing and patterns emerging. One of those is that funk is taking over, or rather Sly and the Family Stone is taking over. They’ve hit upon a formula for success that makes it easy to have mainstream appeal while simultaneously being funky as hell and subtly influencing the path dance music is taking. As it turns out, people are really receptive towards adventurous and weird music when it’s connected to the catchiest chorus known to man. That’s the lesson of Thank You, which has an unwieldy bit of title in the brackets but is a song that will not leave your head ever again. Whatever else is going on, that chorus burrows itself into your subconscious and won’t leave no matter what you try to do.

On this double A-Side, after you seduce your special someone with your sexy moves to Thank You, you can do a romantic slow dance to Everybody is a Star, which is a song about how excellent everyone in the world is, especially you. Sly Stone had an interesting affection for feel-good ballads about everyone being great, and Everybody is a Star is a slower, more romantic version of the song. It’s a love song for humanity rather than a particular someone, but it has a slow and sexy vibe that’s a well-matched comedown from Thank You and keeps the positive energy that the band loved going, just at a different speed.

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