Jackson 5 – ABC

First Hit #1: April 25, 1970

With ABC, the Jackson 5 present a song that is more finely tuned to their pre-pubescent lead singer. It’s catchy as hell, naturally, but given the focus on basic elementary concepts it puts the focus on the youth of the lead singer. Michael sounds his youngest here, even with his shouts of “I think I LOVE you.” It helps that his brothers, pushed to the background as usual, handle a lot of the love song wooing, which keeps Michael from sounding too, well, mature. It’s a boy’s song, sung by a boy with extraordinary ability. Still, that boy is still 11 years old, and there is no song where he sounds more like an 11 year old child than this one. Don’t take this as an insult, ABC is still a great song, Michael Jackson still gives it his all, and you will still be singing the chorus for the remainder of the day. It’s just nice to see a song sung by a boy sounding like a song meant for a boy, and also a song that’s really good even when it’s meant to be sung by a boy. It’s just a great package all around.

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