Neil Diamond – Cracklin’ Rosie

First Hit #1: October 10, 1970

This song is incredibly, comprehensively, enthusiastically sad. You don’t realize how sad it is at first, since it’s really upbeat and catchy. Then you begin to wonder if he’s singing to a prostitute – lines about being a store-bought woman, for instance – which is a bit depressing but at least it’s a bit of human interaction and Hollywood does often try to convince us that hookers have hearts of gold. Nope, it’s a song about a bottle of wine, something that makes all the lyrics make complete sense while painting a painful portrait of alcoholism. It’s like a depressing onion, peeling back the layers reveals a story that gets progressively sadder as you go. It’s a fun song, but the fun drains away slowly the more you listen. What’s more sad than drinking a bottle of wine all alone?

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