The Partridge Family – I Think I Love You

First Hit #1: November 21, 1970

I didn’t know much about the Partridge Family, but I knew it was a popular television show about a singing family. Also, little girls really liked David Cassidy, who was some kind of proto-Bieber. I wasn’t around in the ’70s, but that’s the way I understood it. So, when I saw the Partridge Family coming up on the singles, I was expecting something bright, poppy and a bit fun. The Monkees, but in a later decade with more family fun attached.

Imagine my surprise when what we get is effectively a love horror story. Love is presented as a terrifying disease that causes sleepless nights and has no cure. The song sounds like a light horror soundtrack, like what would play when the Flintstones’ Munsters-aping scary neighbors might make an appearance. It’s family friendly, but also surprisingly ominous and negative. It’s an odd combination, and while it was clearly winning – it did top the charts after all – it’s also sort of strange to have a subtly negative song about love from a family friendly act.

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