Bee Gees – How Can You Mend a Broken Heart

First Hit #1: August 7, 1971

“Alright, the Bee Gees, in the ’70s, let’s get ready for disco fever!”

If you’re thinking that right now, get ready to mellow and roll! Yep, this is early Bee Gees, which means earnest weepy ballads. They’re not quite going up to their disco falsetto, though their voices are plenty strange, and they’re going heartfelt and largely acoustic. It’s a really pleasant little song, and a nice follow up to James Taylor from yesterday – clearly people in 1971 were all about the easy listening.

I struggle to find much interesting to say about this song, in spite of the fairly interesting stylistic divide between various Bee Gees eras, because it’s just an alright little ballad sung by men with distinct but strange voices. It’s otherwise just a pretty typical easy listening track. One I can enjoy, but perhaps not one that will rock worlds.

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