Paul and Linda McCartney – Uncle Albert / Admiral Halsey

First Hit #1: September 4, 1971

This is the first time Paul McCartney hits the top of the charts as a solo artist, though he brings along Linda for the ride because that’s what he was doing back in the ’70s. It’s an example of a habit McCartney developed in the Beatles with John Lennon, that being his love of cramming a couple incomplete songs together, and somehow managing to make it work. The best example of this is Day in the Life, and it’s not the cleanest melding of tracks in the world here – a slow apology to Uncle Albert, and then a up-tempo song about hands across the water, they together thematically but it’s not the cleanest of transitions. It’s also an example of another McCartney trait – he loves screwing around in the studio. Throw in some storms? Yes. Bird calls? Double yes. Yes? No.

It’s not the best thing the man has ever written, and he’s clearly not taking any of it seriously, but it’s difficult for McCartney to write a bad pop song so it’s a winner anyway.

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