Donny Osmond – Go Away Little Girl

First Hit #1: September 11, 1971

As I type this, Justin Bieber is a teen icon. Little girls all over the world are obsessing over this young man, who looks suspiciously like a young Hillary Swank. Fine, that’s cruel, and I have no real problem with Bieber – he isn’t my style, but he’s got an audience and if it wasn’t him, it would have been someone else. Besides, he’s not a new thing, and for proof of that look at the picture of Donny Osmond included in the embedded video.

Look at him. Slightly feminine and non-threatening face, goofy excess of hair, lots of youth. His song isn’t all that different either, an unkind man might accuse him of sounding like a little girl, but otherwise it’s a number that would appeal to a young woman, and it’s steeped in the contemporary trends in popular music. Donny Osmond IS Justin Bieber, 1970s style.

As for the song itself, it’s a cover of a hit, and while I wasn’t completely enamored with the original track it is a greatly superior version. It’s because this is a song for someone who sounds a bit mature to sing. I just don’t believe that Donny Osmond is having this much girl trouble – I’m not even convinced that he’s even gone on the roller coaster of puberty at this point. By sounding so young, it makes the song seem quite silly.

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