The Staple Singers – I’ll Take You There

First Hit #1: June 3, 1972

So we’re slowly getting into what defines the ’70s as a sound. It’s very warm, it’s very busy, and sometimes people don’t actually think very hard about what they’re supposed to be singing. I’ll Take You There is a prime example of this trend. There’s the vocals, which try to sound sexy by never really completing a thought, as though she’s constantly being interrupted by something pleasurable. There’s the song itself, which has a number of elements that only really play off each other some of the time. There’s the overall sound, which thanks to the bass, is evokes a mood of earth tones and questionable mustaches. It’s just a song that evokes the sound of the decade, and more importantly, it’s a song that is right up there when it comes to being the defining music. It’s a break from the ’60s, and maybe not a completely satisfying one at that, but it works with the entire aesthetic the decade was inspiring.

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