Billy Paul – Me and Mrs. Jones

First Hit #1: December 16, 1972

This is an incredibly sexy song, musically. That slow jam is just the ideal music for making love, and I even suspect there are men and women in the world who were conceived to this track. There’s just something that throws it off a bit, and makes one wonder if it’s the best idea to get down to the track. It’s about an extra-marital affair, one of those relationships which, when you think about it, should probably be called off rather than consummated over and over again. Maybe it’s just me, but there’s something that’s not entirely sexy about hearing about other people’s affairs, or at least if you were Mr. Jones in this situation. It’d be great for a couple that is in the middle of an affair, I suppose, and the married pairs have Al Green if they want some sexy music, but I can’t help but think some people might question the song choice if they noticed the lyrics.

Then again, affairs are certainly sexy, people having them need a get down track too.

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