Maureen McGovern – The Morning After

First Hit #1: August 4, 1973

The Morning After is an aggressively cheesy song. The overly lush arrangement, which reminds me of Up Where We Belong for some reason, the lyrics about being hopeful and optimistic, even McGovern’s sincere but earthy vocal. It is an attempt to be inspiring that sounds like the perfect song to for a bad, soft-focus soap opera love montage, hopefully with too many flowers, poofy dresses and big hair.

It was the theme for The Poseidon Adventure, so that explains the cheese and the relentlessly optimistic lyrics – is there a better way to end a disaster film than forced optimism? It’s hardly a great piece of music, but it does fit well for the purpose it was written, so the real question becomes this: Why on earth did people want to listen to this outside of the film?

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