Stories – Brother Louie

First Hit #1: August 25, 1973

There is good and bad here, and I’ll get the bad out of the way first: The lyrics are frustratingly incomplete. It tells something about an interracial relationship – Louie, the whitest man in the world, and some girl, who is “blacker than night” – and when Louie tells his parents it’s bad, I guess? It doesn’t actually say what happens, and happily assumes you can probably figure it out from there. Unfortunately, while the song seems to be trying to say something, it never is entirely clear what exactly it is, and it’s kind of annoying.

That also doesn’t really matter, because there’s this massive chorus that holds dominion over the song, and this is the good. The repetition of Louie is catchy and gives the song a real weighty atmosphere. It’s a strong chorus, one that’s been altered slightly for Louis C.K.’s show just because it has a real weight to it. It is a towering, defining chorus that can wash out whatever problems the rest of the song has, and takes it over completely. So while it is an incomplete song, it doesn’t quite matter.

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