Marvin Gaye – Let’s Get it On

First Hit #1: September 8, 1973

Were you born in 1974? Then you were probably conceived to this song. If you were born after 1974, there remains a good chance that you were conceived to this song. Marvin Gaye made the ultimate song about screwing, one that has never really been topped, as much as R. Kelly tries to outdo it. It doesn’t hide it, it’s a song with a sexy backdrop – those opening notes are pretty much a cliche of a sex scene intro at this point – and it’s all about how great it’ll be to have some sexy, sexy, uh, sex. It’s probably the most outwardly erotic the charts have been to this point, a plea for some good old fashion bump and grind that doesn’t really hide what it’s about. Most pop songs are about sex, but very few admit it, and it’s a rare breed that calls attention to that fact.

It’s a really healthy attitude as well. It’s about how it just makes sense for a happy couple to get it on, and it’s healthy and normal for a couple to get it on and enjoy some really erotic lovemaking. And that’s true! It’s an entirely natural thing for people to do, and if you need a music cue, Let’s Get it On is a perfect song for doin’ it.

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