Carpenters – Top of the World

First Hit #1: December 1, 1973

Karen Carpenter was the perfect children’s entertainer. She had a clear, kind voice, light and feel good lyrics, and a general sound that just works well with kids. It also works well with adults – the Carpenters sold to way more than just kids, after all – but she’s just got a voice which would feel appropriate singing about letters as well as general love songs. This isn’t to discount Richard Carpenter’s contribution, just observing the way Karen’s voice worked and how it works very well for a young audience. This child-friendly vocal comes across clearly on Top of the World, which is typically light and friendly, and the content can even be interpreted in many innocent ways. It can be about new love, but it can be about parents to kids too, and it’s just a soothing track that one can’t help but bring comfort.

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