Steve Miller Band – The Joker

First Hit #1: January 12, 1974

There are a ludicrous number of #1s in 1974 – it seems like a different song every week – and the first song isn’t a great one. I know, it’s famous, lots of people like it, but as someone who doesn’t actually do drugs I really can’t get behind it. There’s a reason there’s a line about being a midnight toker in the Joker, and that’s because it’s the kind of thing that is much better if you’ve been partaking in assorted substances of questionable legality. It’s a druggy track, with the loping beat and stream of consciousness nonsense of the lyrics sounding like the product of some incredibly high people.

If I was really high, I probably could appreciate it, and I might be inexplicably cheered by the whole toker line. I am not, so it’s just a slice of druggy nonsense that I really can’t enjoy myself.

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