Ringo Starr – You’re Sixteen

First Hit #1: January 26, 1974

In 1974, Ringo Starr celebrated his 34th birthday. Does this make this song a little creepy? Yes. Does the fact that in some countries the age of consent is more than sixteen make it even more creepy? Yes.

It doesn’t matter that much, since it’s a pretty fun little song, Ringo does a good job with it and a whole mess of kazoos show up. Can you hate Kazoos? No, you cannot, and if you say you can you’re probably lying. In the spirit of Ringo’s frequent visits by old friends on his albums, the kazoo was apparently by Paul McCartney, which is one of those odd album credits that you could pull out during a lull in the conversation.

Personally though, I’d prefer people in their teenage years singing about especially attractive sixteen year old girls.

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