Cher – Dark Lady

First Hit #1: March 23, 1974

Cher’s attempt at a story song – this one about a fortune teller who is very good at telling people about unfaithful lovers, mostly because she’s also porking them – isn’t the most elegant entry in the genre. The story is pretty good, and the final twist is really well handled, so that part’s not so bad. The problem is the lyrics are very dense, perhaps a bit too dense for Cher to handle. Her voice is as distinct and interesting as usual, but she’s barely able to keep a melody as she rushes through the words.

I’m not sure if there’s a singer who could handle the song smoothly, but it can be distracting to hear a singer somewhat unable to keep on top of the song she’s singing. It’s still interesting enough to be worthwhile, and the story itself could be expanded into something a bit longer and more in-depth.

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