John Denver – Sunshine on My Shoulders

First Hit #1: March 30, 1974

I might be accused of disliking songs that are happy almost to the point of being cheesy. Certainly Sunshine on my Shoulders could be in that category, a song about sweetness and light delivered with sincerity and affection. It also has a late-song string arrangement that is dripping in honey and sugar, making me scream for the acoustic guitar that begins the song and remains its strongest element. It’s not really trying to be inspiring, it’s just a simple little love song about joy, and for some reason I keep reaching for the button to turn it off. I know what it’s trying to do, I know it has enough fans to show that it works on a number of people, but I really can’t get behind it in the same way.

I am a bit too much of a miserable bastard to appreciate this song, in other words.

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One Response to John Denver – Sunshine on My Shoulders

  1. RBerman says:

    I just find it too slow to be so repetitive, and too repetitive to be so slow. Maybe it has a different effect if one is “Rocky Mountain High”?

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