Grand Funk – The Loco-Motion

First Hit #1: May 4, 1974

Grand Funk, what the hell are you doing covering the Loco-motion? A cover of the Little Eva hit would make sense from a dance artist, for example, perhaps one named Kylie, but Grand Funk (which seemed to drop the railroad and bring it back on a whim) is a band which plays rock music. It has guitars and big drums, and as a result their sound meshes quite strangely with the light, poppy sound of the track. To their credit, they don’t take themselves too seriously – a thread which also persists in their previous hit – and it works for the same reasons as their old song, albeit not as well. They’ve never been a particularly hard band, and if anything this cover seems like it exists solely to give a good wedding band a template on how to do it with guitars and similar instruments, but it’s odd to hear something so light and poppy covered by a band that really made its name with a sound that’s a bit harder and more attuned to a different, somewhat drunker, brand of good time.

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