Hues Corporation – Rock the Boat

First Hit #1: July 6, 1974

Let’s define a big chorus song. It’s a track where you remember the chorus, and that part of the song sticks in your mind, so much you forget other parts even exist. Rock the Boat is a big chorus song, though it also has a two-part chorus that makes it seem a bit more complex as you forget that the rest of the song exists. The disco hit has verses, and they’re quieter and less interesting than the real beating heart, so much so I had forgot it had choruses before listening to it. I could recall the chorus instantly – rock the boat! Don’t rock the boat baby. Rock the boat! Don’t tip the boat over! – and even the part about getting the notion was clear in my mind, but choruses? Totally forgot the song had them. There are songs on the charts right now with a similar effect – We Are Young will be covered here eventually but considering that we’re still 38 years away from that let’s just say that’s also a big chorus song – and it’s an interesting effect.

In this case, it’s not surprising. The chorus is without question the strongest part of the songs, and the verses are pretty forgettable. Plus, and this is vitally important for disco, the chorus is the most fun to dance to. It’s the part you want to remember.

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