George McCrae – Rock Your Baby

First Hit #1: July 13, 1974

George McCrae reminds me of Prince. Yes, he’s coming a decade before Prince, but this is modern context and I can draw parallels between whoever I want. Anyway, he reminds me of Prince because he also makes sexy songs while not being conventionally sexy himself. There’s something undeniably erotic about what he’s doing, but he definitely doesn’t sound very masculine – one would be forgiven for thinking that this song is sung by a woman, at a minimum it’s got a touch of androgyny about it. Prince is the same way, being that he’s a tiny wisp of a man in flamboyant clothing who still makes music that’s very sexually charged. McCrae does look more traditionally masculine with his big mustache, but he also looks less sex machine, more someone’s dad, and he’s singing in falsetto to boot. It’s not a traditional sexy voice, but he makes it sexy anyway, working with what he’s got to give a bit of sex to an otherwise interesting dance song.

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