John Denver – Annie’s Song

First Hit #1: July 27, 1974

Reportedly this was composed on a ski lift at the end of a particularly difficult run, which explains a lot about the imagery used throughout. This is a song about a woman, certainly, her name’s in the title, but it’s also about sensations. Denver’s singing about his love for his wife, but threading it through the different ways that senses can be overwhelmed and the ways sensations affect feelings and emotion. It’s not about skiing, it’s clearly about love, but it’s definitely love threaded through an experience like skiing. It’s a fresh feeling connected to a different, related feeling, stating that all good things, like Annie, like mountains in springtime, and so on, are about flooding one’s senses with a unique, euphoric sensation. It’s both incredibly devoted and oddly scientific, since it connects love to various stimuli.

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One Response to John Denver – Annie’s Song

  1. RBerman says:

    Two verses, no chorus. The first verse has five similes, and the second verse has six distinct romantic exhortations. Sixteen lines total. No bridge, but an instrumental verse before repeating the first verse at the end.

    The melody is quite lovely, and the initial mix of a six and a twelve string guitar carries the song nicely, joined on the second verse by mandolin, string bass, Nashville Sound-y strings, and oboe, then on the instrumental section by a brass section.

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