Paul Anka and Odia Coates – You’re Having My Baby

First Hit #1: August 24, 1974

There’s something kind of uncomfortable about You’re Having My Baby, which has naturally caused a bit of unintentional controversy. Some people argue that certain decisions, like the choice of “You’re Having MY baby” over “You’re having our baby” is about “keeping women in their place” (The National Organization for Women did this in 1974, for example), which I can understand on some level, whether or not I believe it was intentional. Some people criticize the verse that considers abortion, because she couldn’t abort Paul Anka’s baby even though the option was there, whether it’s because it admits there is a choice, or because in the song she keeps the kid because she love’s Paul Anka so much. In all honesty, it’s a pro-choice song, since it positions actually going through with having a baby as being the ultimate expression of love and thus something a woman doesn’t enter into half-cocked.

So I find a couple of the main controversies quite silly, yet I still find the song kind of uncomfortable, why is that? To be honest, I’m not actually completely sure myself, but there’s something about the song that makes me wonder about Paul Anka’s fathering abilities. Clearly, he got a woman pregnant, but he seems overly concerned with the biological process, rather than, you know, raising a child with a woman. It never quite goes beyond her having his baby, but actually raising a child is a bit more important than feeling a seed growing or any other slightly awkward metaphor. The limited scope makes one wonder what’s next, and whether this relationship is actually healthy.

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