Eric Clapton – I Shot the Sheriff

First Hit #1: September 14, 1974

Reggae hits the charts for the first time with I Shot the Sheriff, though it’s delivered through a famous white guy and the impact is dulled a little bit. It’s a new sound, with the unique rhythms contributing to a fairly unorthodox and original sound, something that hasn’t been seen very much on the charts so far. However, on the other hand it’s still a pretty typical Eric Clapton song, he’s got a familiar voice and he’s doing the entire thing through typical 1970s production. So yes, it’s a new sound, but it’s watered down a bit to make it a bit more palatable to new audiences. That’s not to discount Clapton’s musical abilities, or his respect for the original song, but this is Bud Light to Bob Marley’s full-bodied original brew.

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