Dionne Warwick and the Spinners – Then Came You

First Hit #1: October 26, 1974

This is one of those big chorus songs, something I should probably get around to making a category for but probably won’t. In the chorus, in spite of both Dionne Warwick and the Spinners collaborating, it’s really nothing special. My early impressions were “sitcom theme,” which isn’t really an insult, but most sitcom themes are merely okay, and this was no different. Then comes the chorus, and Warwick decides to make a statement. Suddenly, the sitcom thoughts are banished from your mind as Warwick belts out her theme to first love, and she also gives the impression that it doesn’t really matter what she’s singing, she can make it special. It’s a song that transforms during the chorus into an all time classic, and then tends to transform back into that sitcom theme. It’s a big chorus song, and the big chorus is all anyone remembers.

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