Stevie Wonder – You Haven’t Done Nothing

First Hit #1: November 2, 1974

The song begins with a blast of strange synthesized noise, an unorthodox and unexpectedly abrasive way to start a pop hit. Then Wonder does something even more surprising and makes a song that’s not very far off from Superstition. It’s different, and it’s trying to have a political conscience rather than making a song about superstition. Still, I wonder if Wonder wasn’t totally aware that he’s not really treading on new ground with this one. He puts lots of weird stuff on the track, but it’s built on a foundation that’s not very far from what he’s done before. I dare say that Wonder is phoning it in here, even if he’s trying to have something of a political conscience as he makes the song. That’s almost as unexpected as the blast of noise that begins the song.

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