Carl Douglas – Kung Fu Fighting

First Hit #1: December 7, 1974

This was originally a B-side, and it feels kind of tossed off, if I’m honest. It just sounds last minute, Douglas needs a song and so he sings about some of his favorite movies, possibly starring Bruce Lee – there’s something about a Big Boss in there, after all. But that’s part of its charm, because it clearly wasn’t a song that Douglas sweated over and over-thought – he was just having a bit of fun for an extra track, and as a result didn’t take anything all that seriously. So if it seems tossed off, that’s why it’s such a ridiculous hit, it’s just a bit of silly fun, and one that you can sing along to while making ridiculous kung fu moves. Sometimes the most enjoyable songs are the ones that sound like they were cracked out quickly in order to make something fun and interesting. I didn’t say best, Kung Fu Fighting is incredibly goofy and kind of cheesy to be honest, but it’s difficult to listen to without getting a smile on your face, as ridiculous as the whole thing is.

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