Elton John – Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds

First Hit #1: January 4, 1975

While this song might make sense in the context of the album it was recorded for, and Elton John does a credible job on the cover, I keep thinking that it’s largely unnecessary. It’s not a bad song at all, and John still has one of the better and most distinct pop voices that has been recorded. There’s no situation where I’ll object to this song being played, and if John breaks it out on tour I’ll be riveted because he’s an electrifying performer and he does a good job on the track. But, it’s a cover of a Beatles song, and the original isn’t that different from this version. Also, the original is the Beatles, and that band isn’t exactly a group of slouches – the original is pretty damn good, in the same way this version is pretty damn good. So while I can understand John choosing to record it, as a single release, even a big hit single release, I wonder why.

Oh who am I kidding, ’70s Elton John can pretty much do what he wants.

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