Barry Manilow – Mandy

First Hit #1: January 18, 1975

Mandy is a song that, as recorded, is a cheesy ballad. With little modification, it could be an amazingly fun song. Kick up the tempo a little, and that chorus becomes really catchy. Take out some of the angst, and you’ve got a song that could be really fun to sing. This is best demonstrated by the Simpsons, and the song Margie, which is about how Marge finds Homer a turkey, on his vacation from workey. It’s a catchy little diddy in a way that the original just can’t be, because the original is an overwrought ballad instead of an infectiously silly song like the melody lends itself to being. The song wants to be silly, it wants to be fun, it wants to be something that you sing along to constantly. But, it isn’t, because Manilow really wanted to make a serious ballad instead of something fun and silly.

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