Ohio Players – Fire

First Hit #1: February 8, 1975

I don’t know much about Ohio, apart from the fact that it has never seemed like a particularly funky place. So clearly the one thing I knew about Ohio was wrong, because the Ohio Players are as funky as you’re going to get, and they are quite proud of their home state. The group is probably best known for having rather erotic album covers, but they also make disco hits, and they are some of the most interesting and singular disco hits out there. Fire, our subject today, doesn’t really have that much to say – you’re going to mostly remember the shouts of fiiiiiiiiiire – but it’s a fun song to dance to and you can have a good time with it. That’s really everything the band was actually after on the track, they want to be funky and fresh, and are making songs that are just fun to dance to, whether or not they have much else to say on the subject.

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