Average White Band – Pick Up the Pieces

First Hit #1: February 22, 1975

Ubiquity can be your enemy, as everyone knows a pop song that they can no longer tolerate due to overplay. Sometimes ubiquity can just absorb a song into the popular consciousness, so much so that it just is. This is the case with Pick Up the Pieces, a reasonably funky track that every single person has heard multiple times. It is in commercials, sitcoms, movies, elevators, everywhere. It’s a song that is used so much and for such a variety of purposes it’s just become part of our collective sonic wallpaper. As a result, it’s difficult to form an opinion on it, the song just is, it’s something that exists and has always existed, it has pierced our soul but just kind of sat around in there, not doing much of note. I don’t know what it was like for people when they first heard it, I’m sure at the time it was a reasonably catchy little number, but now it’s gotten so ubiquitous that it doesn’t really exist anymore. It’s a paradox.

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