Olivia Newton-John – Have You Never Been Mellow

First Hit #1: March 8, 1975

Here’s a question, is this song about drugs? On the surface it’s about a woman telling someone else to just relax, and how she was once as high strung as the person in question, presented in the cheesy ’70s soft-rock style that was popular at the time. So the song is all about just relaxing and being mellow, and enjoying things more because you’re less high strung. That’s fine, but there’s an odd sales pitch going on, and as a result I actually sort of wonder what Newton-John is suggesting that someone do to get mellow. It’s an odd little bit of subtext, something that isn’t made very clear by the content of the song but the more you listen, the more you wonder. Newton-John wants you to relax, and maybe there’s a cut verse where she offers some kind of drug that’ll do the trick. It’s Olivia Newton-John though, so the drug will be largely harmless.

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