Doobie Brothers – Black Water

First Hit #1: March 15, 1975

There’s something very comforting about Black Water, which is a song that’s traditional and simple, if filtered through a 70s rock band. The instruments, heavy on acoustic guitar and fiddle, make it sort of timeless, and the whole thing sounds like a bunch of musicians on a campfire retreat. This is rooted in folk and tradition, going so far as to include an a cappella section. It’s tradition, the Doobie Brothers have recorded what people have been doing with each other in cabins and in the woods for years. There are some simple, traditional instruments and the human voice, and the song sounds about as timeless as anything in the ’70s is going to get. It’s a pure and simple recording, not concerned with popular trends so much as it’s concerned with having a bit of fun and a good time. Rock music, and pop music, are all about having a good time.

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