Frankie Valli – My Eyes Adored You

First Hit #1: March 22, 1975

Long time readers will know that I hated the Four Seasons, so when I saw the name Frankie Valli show up I prepared for the worst. I was fully prepared for that signature grating falsetto to come out and make its assault. So it’s good that instead of that we got an impressively bland slice of soft rock. There’s nothing really here that’s worth talking about, Valli sings about a woman who he loved since he was a boy, and then the song ends. It’s competently put together, if one is just looking to put together a forgettable but passable number in a style popular at the time. It’s not bad, really, but it’s not particularly good either, a song that signifies a year because 1975 is the only time people actively sought it out.

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