Captain and Tennille – Love Will Keep Us Together

First Hit #1: June 25, 1975

If your name was Daryl Dragon, why would you call yourself Captain? That’s crazy! Dragons are way cooler than Captains! Dragon and Tennille would be a much better band name.

Love Will Keep Us Together manages what was apparently incredibly difficult for ’70s artists, making something that was silly, but silly in a thoroughly enjoyable way. The song itself has some quirky instruments spread throughout the song, but it doesn’t double down on the quirk, it just uses them to be a bit fun and interesting, for a song that’s a bit fun and interesting. It’s a distinctive song that is, most importantly of all, just fun to listen to. It’s not quite as fun to sing along to, it keeps going unexpected places which is great to listen to but less great to belt out as an amateur vocalist, but it captures what pop should be: fun, above all. Captain and Tennille are sort of like what Tony Orlando and Dawn always wanted to be: goofballs that people want to spend time with.

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