The Eagles – One of these Nights

First Hit #1: August 2, 1975

The Eagles wanted everyone to think they were brooding and serious, and One of these Nights was another example of this. Dark electric guitars, brooding high school poetry for lyrics (ooooh, demons), songs that generally try to sound like encroaching thunder, but are still soft rock enough to be played on the radio.

And it doesn’t matter, because they accidentally made a song that’s actually really fun. It’s the falsetto in the chorus, is brings it back down to earth and undercuts the sometimes overly serious nature of the lyrics. You can’t take falsetto seriously, and since the falsetto here isn’t really annoying – like I find most falsetto – it takes the song away from its more pretentious affectations. The Eagles want to be a serious, dark band, but they’re just silly enough that they can still inspire fun. Full bore goofball wouldn’t have worked, and the songwriting wasn’t quite good enough for full bore dark and moody, but that place in between? Fits there perfectly.

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