Silver Convention – Fly Robin Fly

First Hit #1: November 29, 1975

While Fly Robin Fly isn’t a bad song necessarily, it helps one understand the disco backlash. Here’s a song that doesn’t do very much new with the genre. It’s got a pretty typical funk instrumental, and a big chorus that dominates the rest of the song – mostly because there are no other lyrics, the human voices are just welcome even if they’re just imploring a robin to fly. I’m personally not sick of the genre, but the hits have all been pretty solid so far and are often spaced out with a bit of bad soft rock to make them a welcome change. I’m not living in 1975 – and wasn’t living in 1975, to be honest – but I can see people beginning to start getting sick of the genre. It’s different when it’s 37 years later and it’s not what’s getting major play, you can pick and choose what disco you want. Imagine living in a world where disco is king, and sub-Fly Robin Fly songs are getting radio play. The genre can allow people to get innovative, cutting edge and brilliant, but it also allows people to make pretty by the numbers songs about robins flying, and even if I don’t hate this particular song, it’s representative of why people eventually began to hate the genre.

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