Ohio Players – Love Rollercoaster

First Hit #1: January 31: 1976

This is the best disco song. It’s got a great, highly distinctive beat, it’s fun to dance to, and the lyrics are stupidly fun to sing along to. It is a classic, there is nothing to criticize, it is disco perfection and that’s all there is to it. If you do not love Love Rollercoaster, you need to visit your nearest physician to see if you might have some kind of mental or physical problem.

I know I should go more in depth, but what’s the point? It’s perfect. Just listen to it.

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One Response to Ohio Players – Love Rollercoaster

  1. BlueFox94 says:

    What “Singin’ In The Rain” became as a result of its inspired inclusion in A CLOCKWORK ORANGE, this song became as a result of its use in the disturbing tanning salon death sequence from FINAL DESTINATION 3.

    At least for me.

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