Rhythm Heritage – Theme from S.W.A.T.

First Hit #1: February 28, 1976

Here’s a question, were the ’70s the best era for unremarkable films to get great soundtracks? I mean, in recent years we’ve had Tron Legacy, which had a killer Daft Punk score, but it seems like the ’70s were filled with middle-of-the-road films that just had killer scores, and big hits with their themes. I mean, how many people have seen Shaft? I have seen Across 110th Street, and that film is notable for no reason other than Bobby Womack’s amazing score. Then we have S.W.A.T., which was a TV series, but follows the formula precisely. I have not seen a single episode of this show, but I imagine that it’s about a crack team of cool dudes who run around being awesome. I get that entirely from the theme song. In fact, there’s no way that the show could be anything but a disappointment because of the theme song, it’s just too good for the budget and general aesthetic of a mostly forgotten ’70s TV series.

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