Bellamy Brothers – Let Your Love Flow

First Hit #1: May 1, 1976

Disco is kind of a spacey genre, filled as it is with glitter, lights and synthesizers. So it’s always interesting to see the contrast with America’s other love affair of the ’70s, that being earthy soft rock. Let Your Love Flow, in spite of having a line actually referencing going into space, is an earthy song. Roots music is a thing, but this is the soil, a song that sounds enthusiastically rural and down to the ground.

I wouldn’t say it’s rough, it’s a nice little sentimental song, but it has a sound that’s just of the land. It’s partially the acoustic sounds, partially because I probably associate it with tractors, and possibly because when you’re coming off the more spacey elements of the decade it just can’t help but consider how back to basics it actually is. It is the sound of some boys down home making music that’s sincere and a bit fun, and it’s a sound that serves as a direct contrast to its flashier chart mates.

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