The Sylvers – Boogie Fever

First Hit #1: May 15, 1976

Dance music can’t be taken seriously, that’s part of the charm. You can’t stay super serious while moving around like an idiot. Boogie Fever embraces this idea, telling the story of a guy who is cursed with a girl who can’t stop dancing, due to a fictional disease called Boogie Fever. Eventually she gives it to him through the “bump bump bump” (evidently Boogie Fever is sexually transmitted) and now he can’t stop dancing. Presumably, because the song is so fresh, having listened to it, now YOU can’t stop dancing!

I didn’t contract Boogie Fever. Maybe I need to do the bump bump bump, but I think it’s because we’ve seen a lot of dance music on this chart, and this doesn’t stand out too much. Fun lyrics, and it’s hardly bad – in fact, were we not coming off a truckload of disco hits I might actually regard it much more highly. It’s just that it follows trends, rather than setting them, and when you follow it’s difficult to really stand out from the pack. Take out the vocals and it could be anything, and that’s a big problem.

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One Response to The Sylvers – Boogie Fever

  1. Jean says:

    You’ve becoming a master at picking YouTube videos that get deleted.
    I can’t follow this blog no longer. Do it seriously or don’t!

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