Wings – Silly Love Songs

First Hit #1: May 22, 1976

Say what you will about Paul McCartney, he’s certainly aware of any criticism that is thrown his way. Long accused of putting out silly love songs, he puts out Silly Love Songs, which is a silly love song. It’s also a pretty concise rejoinder to anyone who objects to said songs, with the words “what’s wrong with that? I’d like to know” being an all encompassing reply to those who might criticize his sillier music. Dude’s got a point, there’s nothing wrong with silly love songs, or Silly Love Songs. The pop charts are filled with all sorts of nonsense, and why shouldn’t we embrace the music that’s celebrating something that people genuinely enjoy. McCartney has a point here, and he’s got a really good song to boot, a catchy little number about the simple joy of love and the need to share it. If it brings people joy, it’s got a place on the charts.

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