Starland Vocal Band – Afternoon Delight

First Hit #1: July 10, 1976

Afternoon Delight has appeared in many different comedies, from Anchorman to Arrested Development, and other things that don’t begin with A. It’s a pretty perfect song for a comedy, for a few different reasons. One, it’s a song about having sex in the afternoon that doesn’t sound anything at all like a song about sex in the afternoon. The singers sound young and fresh faced, and the composition doesn’t actually try to sound sexy at all. If you didn’t know the lyrics you’d assume it was just another innocent love song in the carpenters vein. Two, the lyric “sky rockets in flight, afternoon delight” is joyously absurd. It’s just got a sound that makes it really easy to build a comedic moment around, and it helps that it’s also a somewhat iconic and easily recognizable song. It’s fun, a song that is enthusiastically and unashamedly about boring people having some afternoon delight. Since let’s face it, most of the people in the world are boring people who would really enjoy sex in the afternoon – the rest are exciting people who would really enjoy sex in the afternoon – it’s a song that really connects with everyone.

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