KC and the Sunshine Band – (Shake, Shake, Shake) Shake Your Booty

First Hit #1: September 11, 1976

For the past several years, when I went to weddings, Sir Mix a Lot’s magnum opus Baby Got Back was a staple of the playlist. It makes sense, it’s a song that is easy to dance to and has that amusing slightly-naughty-but-not-really sound that gets grandma slightly flustered and everyone else laughing. I imagine that Shake Your Booty was the same thing, a song about butts that captured the wedding market by storm, as people at weddings just love butts, and the movement thereof. It’s not a particularly interesting or inventive song, but it’s agreeably dumb track that causes people to crack a small smile when they hear it. But, that said, I can’t say it’s something I’ll willingly put on repeat, perhaps it’s best to play it at a wedding.

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