David Soul – Don’t Give Up On Us

First Hit #1: April 16, 1977

I don’t know why television stars want to be music stars. It sometimes works, of course, but you usually get David Hassellhoffs or Joey Lawrences, minor hits, major embarrassment, and potentially a way to make fun of people in other countries. David Soul had the name for music, sure, but he was best known as Hutch in Starsky and Hutch. His big hit, Don’t Give Up On Us, confirmed that it was probably for the best that he had an acting career to fall back on.

It’s not so much bad as it is inessential. Soul’s voice is fine, quite smooth and generally appealing. The song itself is an okay if maudlin love-esque song about maybe not breaking up. It’s fine, but I can’t imagine it would have been a hit if it was just David Soul, rather than David “Hutch” Soul. There’s just not that much there, it’s appealing but empty.

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2 Responses to David Soul – Don’t Give Up On Us

  1. DAViD SOUL says:

    Well, you cynical s.o.b. I started out as a singer… a folksinger… back in 1962, and then I became an actor and a director and a screenwriter and a documentary filmmaker. What were you doing? Why does an actor want to be a singer? I don’t know… why do singers want to be actors? Ask Neil Diamond. I guess I just like to entertain and at 69 years old, having spent nearly 50 years doing it or boring them, I think I deserve a bit of a break. Why did I waste my time writing this? I don’t know, maybe a bit of that old insecurity is still there. On the other hand, actually,I really don’t care anymore. Good luck to you pal and as I always say, don’t give up on us! DAVID SOUL
    BTW – there are five albums out there and some of the tunes are pretty good.

  2. Robin says:

    I love David Soul and his music. He is my favorite singer! Ever! He has such versatility. He sings many different styles and is wonderful in all of them. I only wish he had done a Christmas album. The couple of Christmas songs I have heard him sing left me hungry for more.
    Those who can do and those who can’t often criticize those who can.

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