Andy Gibb – I Just Want to Be Your Everything

First Hit #1: July 30, 1977

Being the sibling of a big star is an odd situation. On one hand, it can’t help but open doors, as you’re connected to the other members of your family and have that name recognition and can meet the same people they do. On the other hand, you are going to be constantly compared to the rest of your family, and it can be difficult to stand out – especially since family traits might just make your work pretty similar.

Andy Gibb, a brother Gibb that is not part of the Bee Gees, doesn’t hide from his familial association. I Just Want to Be Your Everything, about how much Andy loved his new wife, is written with brother Barry, and there’s some distinct brotherly backing vocals on there too. He knows who he is, and that’s a Gibb, so he’s going to do what Gibbs do best and make a pretty good pop song. He splits the difference between their easy listening roots and their disco present and makes a heartfelt but dance-able song.

That’s to his credit, because the youngest Gibb has a clear sense of who he is and what he wants to sing. There’s no sense of him trying to be someone he’s not on the track, or trying to make an image for himself. He wants to make a love song, and he wants it to be something which he can really get behind, so that’s what he makes. It’s a popular flavor of pop, but it’s also a clear picture of the man behind the song, and that’s not an easy trick to pull off.

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