Debby Boone – You Light Up My Life

First Hit #1: October 15, 1977

We go from the silly to the somewhat maudlin, with Debby Boone’s Light Up My Life. The song was written as a simple love song, but Boone said it was about god, which influenced her delivery somewhat. She isn’t singing it about a man, she’s got a certain gravity to her voice that makes it difficult to consider it a love song. She’s coming from the perspective that this song is important, as is the subject, so it’s piling on the strings and never really sounding happy like you might expect from a simple love song. The seriousness in Boone kind of undercuts the fairly happy lyrics, but it was still something people responded to, as this was a pretty massive hit. I’ll never completely understand why people become so moved by overly serious love songs.

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