Andy Gibb – Love Is Thicker than Water

First Hit #1: March 4, 1978

Andy Gibb had a short career, only three albums before his career – and eventually his life – was cut short by heavy drug use. I bring that up because while I don’t imagine that Gibb knew he wasn’t going to be around very long, this sounds kind of like a song written by someone afraid he didn’t have much time left, since it’s cramming every single idea he could possibly have into one song. The tempo shifts constantly, the arrangement switches styles on a dime, and the chorus has so much going on it becomes a bit difficult to sing.

Naturally, this could be the result of Gibb getting a bit more freedom on his second album after scoring a big hit, and using that freedom to play with every toy in the toybox – a compulsion that seems to infect many bands on their sophomore release – but it’s interesting in the context of his brief career. This is a man who is not going to go without saying something, even if he has to say everything at once.

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